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  • Core Knife Co. Corehart Knife


    Hello all. Today I would like to present to you my review on Core Knife Co. and the Corehart Knife that was made by the founder of the company, Michael Hill. It is one of the newest knives in my ever growing collection and it is one that has a permanent home with me. I pretty much knew it would be a keeper once I finally got my hands on it, we’ll get to that here shortly though. Right now here is a picture of said knife, taken the day it showed up at my door.


    I first heard about Core Knife Co. on the Randall’s Adventure and Training Forums while browsing through forum posts. It was a thread about the Core Logo and it also had some pictures of his designs as well as early work. I was impressed with the looks of his knife designs and the workmanship that was apparent in the photos. Another thing that caught my attention was that it was stated there that he hadn’t even sold a knife yet and wouldn’t until he reached the point of justifying doing so. Judging by the looks of the knives in the pictures I knew that as soon as he started selling I was going to have to buy one of these early knives.

    A little time passed and then the Corehart came up for sale. What timing though! I had just dropped a good dime on a custom knife job and was tapped out. The knife itself did not sell right away surprisingly and so I contacted Michael to see if he would work something out with me. It was worked out and a short while later the knife was on it’s way to Godspeed Tactical to get some Kydex work done. The wait to finally get this knife in hand was killing me. It didn’t help that Eli from GT kept telling me of how nice the knife was. Finally the blade got to me and as soon as I first felt the feel of the knife it was worth the wait!


    Enter the Corehart. Specs put this knife at an overall length of 9 1/2″ with a blade at 4 1/2″. The blade is 1/8″ of 1095 steel with a convex sabre grind. The handles are slabbed in orange and black G10 liners with Butcher Blocks Burlap Rag Micarta (Smashed Hippies) over the top. The blade is Core Knife Co’s version of a Kephart styled pattern. The overall feel of the knife in hand is very nice. I honestly have never held another knife that felt like a perfect fit into my hand. It literally fills the hand but in a good way. The ergonomics of the scales just feels so right. Really no other way to put it. I pick up the knife and never really want to set it back down! All the good feels of a knife are nothing though if the blade itself cannot perform. So off to the ranch I went.

    Hot day out there today but I still decided to start up a small fire. Mostly just to give me a reason to baton through some dead mesquite and to strike a ferro rod. Using the knife to baton through the dead wood was nice and easy. The sharpness of the blade just let it glide right through with no problems. The edge showed no wear after a bit of wood splitting, it was just as sharp as when I begun.


    After getting a little bit of wood processed (more than I actually used) I set about making a fire. I had a lighter with me but I wanted to see how good the spine of the knife was at throwing sparks from a rod. The rod I used was a new one and still had the protective coating over it. The knife ate right through it and showered out some good sparks with very little effort. In short time a fire was born.






    After messing about with the fire I then took the knife and fiddled about with it more. Did little things like notch carving and feather sticks and the edge held up fine through it all. Even used the knife to chop through some live mesquite to clear some limbs sticking into a path (tons of mesquite at the ranch). Even after the chopping there was no noticeable wear on the edge of the blade. Also through all the baton work, cutting, chopping, notching, and whittling the scales stayed very comfortable in my hands. The knife is a joy to hold onto.


    After the work I put this knife through today I am even more impressed with the quality of the workmanship and durability of the steel’s heat treatment. The edge is still shaving sharp. I am convinced that this knife will hold up to major use if it is ever needed. If you’re looking for a handmade knife and want quality that is on par with the bigger name knife companies out there, look to scoring yourself a Core Knife Co. knife. Michael is a good guy to deal with and is putting out some amazing looking knives that are also very usable. If you happen to see one go up for sale on one of the many knife forums I suggest you get it while you can. Chances are it isn’t going to be for sale long.

    If you would like to see more of the Core Knife Co. knives take a look at the Core Knife Co. website here or if you are on Facebook checkout the Core Knife Co. page here. Thanks for reading and if you’d like to see more sweet knives and other sharp tools check out the Sharp Edge Facebook Page. Until next time, take it easy and keep it sharp!



  • Godspeed Tactical

    Hello all. If you’re a fixed blade owner then you most likely know the need for a good sheathing option. What you see on the market the most these days are leather and kydex sheaths. Personally, I am not a big fan of leather sheaths. I think they look nice but I feel better with the retention and low maintenance of a kydex sheath. With kydex you are a little more open to mounting option as well. Especially if you order from a maker that will work with you on a specific setup. For this reason I choose to deal with Godspeed Tactical for my kydex sheath options.

    Godspeed Pouch sheaths.

    I first met Eli from Godspeed Tactical back in November of 2011 on the ESEE forums. I was looking for another sheath for a ESEE 5 so I wouldn’t have to switch my mounting options up every time I wanted to carry this knife in a different fashion. When we talked about getting a sheath made I let him know it would be a little bit before I placed the order. He then let me know that he would make the sheath, ship it and take my payment when I could make it. OK, this showed me right off the bat what kind of person I was dealing with. You see, before this conversation we did not even know each other at all. Needless to say, I was already impressed. Then my sheath made it to me. I was even more impressed and knew Godspeed Tactical was going to be my go to place for kydex work. Heck, he even sent another sheath with my order that he considered a “factory second” even though I couldn’t find a thing wrong with it. Good sign of great quality control.

    ESEE 5 Sheath

    Since our initial meeting I have had many more sheath made by Godspeed Tactical. Every time the quality of the work has been perfect. Eli has a way of making what you ask for work and for a reasonable price. Also since that time Godspeed Tactical’s lineup has grown to include even more designs and carry options. Including mountable accessories like pouches, arrowhead holders, firesteel holders, bic lighter holders and so on. Also available are machete sheaths and piggyback options. Sometimes one knife just isn’t enough. Carry options vary from danglers, molle, belt, neck and even concealable. If it needs to be carried a certain way I’m sure Eli could get it done. Another thing you could count on is color options. I’ve even seen him do clear sheaths. Now that is pretty awesome to say the least.

    Clear kydex

    If you are looking to get some custom kydex work done you cannot go wrong with Godspeed Tactical. Eli is a great person to deal with and can get your work done on a professional level. If you find the need to get some kydex done you can reach Eli through his website Godspeed Tactical, his Facebook page, or even on the ESEE forums. You will not be disappointed in the quality of his work, cost of his products, or in his people skills. You also will not be disappointed with his willingness to work with you on your needs. Hit him up! http://www.godspeedtactical.com/


    Thanks for dropping by. You can also find Sharp Edge on Facebook. Until next time take it easy and keep it sharp.

    Godspeed made sheath for a BHK Woodsman
    Godspeed made pouch sheath for a BHK Woodsman Pro
    Godspeed made pouch sheath for a friends ESEE 3.

    (Please note pictures with colored backgrounds were borrowed from and are the property of Godspeed Tactical.)