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  • Bush Monkey Knives – Chupacabra

    I was most fortunate to have recently purchased a Chupacabra from Jeff @ Bush Monkey Knives. This knife in particular was for sale on the ESEE Jungle Training Forum in the for sale section. But otherwise you can contact Bush Monkey Knives & place an order directly with Jeff  here !


    This Chupacabra is made of O1 tool steel, 8.75″ OAL, 2″ x 5″ x 3/16″ convex bevel on the parkerized blade. Bead blast G10 scales, corby bolts and flared tube. This Bush Monkey interpretation of the classic Nessmuk design is an outdoor workhorse for sure. Jeff  @ Bush Monkey offers many options for your custom knife when you purchase one from his website.

     I opted for the leather sheath option to accompany my Chupacabra & it was made by Red Dirt Survival . Jeff shipped the knife directly to Red Dirt & I received the Chupacabra in sheath from Red Dirt roughly a week & a half later making the wait time very short! My first impression of the knife in its new sheath was WOW! After unsheathing the Chupacabra & actually holding it in hand my first thought was “If I could only have one knife from my collection, this would be it!” 


    The contours of the handle along with the jimping done on the thumb ramp make the feel just perfect in my medium sized hands. The convex edge is razor sharp & looks as though Jeff spent hours to achieve it! The overall top quality of the Chupacabra is as expected from Jeff as this is my 3rd Bush Monkey!



     As I’ve not had the opportunity to put the Chupacabra to test in the field this is just my 1st impression of my Chupacabra. After I’ve run her through the ringer I’ll be sure to check back! Until then, maintain your edge & stay safe!




  • Bush Monkey NessMonk

    I have been wanting to try out a Nessmuk styled knife for quite a while now. The design itself has always appealed to me in an aesthetic way and I have been curious as to how it would benefit me while processing game. So with an early anticipation of the upcoming hunting season I placed an order for this NessMonk knife from Bush Monkey Knives. After a few emails back and forth between Jeffery and myself the scales and finish were settled on and the knife was made. I have had this knife for a few months now but have yet to put it to use. The hunting season is coming up though and I have plans to put this knife to good use.

    Bush Monkey Knives – NessMonk is a Nessmuk styled knife that is available in either a 8.75″ or 10″ overall length. It is a full tang knife made of O1 steel with a saber bevel. I chose the 10″ knife with a parkerize finish. The spine has some jimping done to it that should help out for detailed work, especially once there is blood on the knife. The grind is nice on this knife and it is sharp! Just a couple of more weeks and I will get to see just how it performs in the field, and I am looking forward to it.

    I am on a bit of an orange kick lately. So when it came time to choose the scale materials I chose to go with Ghost Jade G10 over nice thick orange liners. Figured for the intended use of the knife that G10 would would be a better choice over wood. In hand the knife is comfortable to hold on to with a swell on the underside of the handle that helps the knife fill the hand.

    Bush Monkey Knives can offer you a choice of either a leather or Kydex sheath. I use Godspeed Tactical for my Kydex sheath systems so I asked Jeff if he would ship it to Eli to be sheathed. He didn’t mind at all and the knife was shipped to Godspeed Tactical to get a clear sheath with an orange backing. Did I mention I am on a orange kick lately? Yep, more orange!

    With the hunting season coming up I am planning on getting this knife into some heavy use. I will write up a full review on performance once I have had more in use time with this knife. If you are interested in seeing more of Bush Monkey Knives works you can locate Jeff’s website HERE. Thank you for dropping by and until next time, keep it sharp!